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Po shfaq postimet nga muaji shtator, 2009

‘Honeymoons’ By Deborah Young

KIRK HONEYCUTT, DAVE MORGAN, ONLINE FROM: DEBORAH YOUNG DATE: Sept. 3, 2009 VENICE FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW – COMPETITION Following in the wake of Goran Paskaljevic’s Serbian trilogy – “The Powder Keg”, “Midwinter Night’s Dream” and “The Optimists” -- “Honeymoons” addresses the Balkan youth drain, in a tale about two young couples, one Serbian and one Albanian, who leave their countries to seek greener pastures in Europe. The story is familiar but it is told with masterful skill that involves the audience deeply in the social and family context of the would-be emigrès. The film has the distinction of being the first Serbian-Albanian coproduction and offers a rare glimpse into today’s Albania, which has only recently begun to emerge on the international film scene. Audiences who already appreciate the director’s subtle cinematic storytelling will be surprised to find a new streak of Balkan humor in the Serbian part of the tale, not the cruel ironies of “The Optimists” but comedy of a mor